You’re Suspended (on the Capilano Suspension Bridge)!

On the north side of Vancouver across Lions Gate Bridge, a complimentary shuttle drops us off at the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park where the highlight is – you guessed it – the Capilano Suspension Bridge! Stretching about 230 feet above the Capilano River, the bridge is close to 500 feet long.  I barely like driving across bridges, so I can’t imagine that I’ll enjoy walking across one although it was my bright idea to do so! Heights are just not my thing.

Nevertheless, after paying a bit over $60 CAD combined to enter the park (and that’s with our AAA discount), there’s no way that I’m going to leave this stone unturned. Jave and I dare to cross to the other side. As we step onto the bridge, it bobs and sways. And mind you, this isn’t subtle swaying. In fact, the bridge is moving enough that it makes me worry that I might lose my balance and drop my iPhone from my gloved hands into the rushing rapids below.

I tuck my phone into my purse and get my bearings and my balance. As we walk across the bridge, I realize that we’re literally walking in the midst of treetops – suspended in the forest. I’m tempted to reach out to try to touch the top of a fir, but I quickly change my mind as the bridge swings as other tourists walk briskly past us.

As we reach the other side, the sun is on the verge of setting, making the already dreary sky darker. Yet the fading light doesn’t mask Vancouver’s magnificent natural beauty. The soothing sound of the moving river begins to fade as we walk on a path away from the bridge and further into the woods. There’s a man-made pond full of trout, and the soothing sound of the moving river is replaced by birds, insects, and other sounds from the forest.

The patter of sporadic showers turns into harder drops, our cue to begin to make our way back across the bridge. Back on the other side, it’s time to do the Cliff Walk – a narrow, crescent-shaped platform that extends over a cliff. I really hate heights! But instead of focusing down, I focus out and see breathtaking waterfalls at the mouth of the river. I stop to admire them, not caring if I’m holding up the people behind me.  I know we’re not in Forks, but this must be where Edward and Bella hunt, I randomly think to myself. This kind of beauty is unreal and inspiring all the same!


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