Bellagio Las Vegas: You Ate the Whole Buffet?!

Bellagio Las Vegas: You Ate the Whole Buffet?!

Jave and I took a weekend getaway to Vegas following the New Year holiday in 2011. We took an early morning flight without grabbing breakfast first, and you know they don’t feed you on planes anymore! So we were starving by the time we got to Vegas, picked up our rental car, and checked in and got settled at New York New York Las Vegas Hotel.  But we had a plan – get to the Bellagio buffet and indulge!

And boy, did we ever…

The Bellagio’s buffet is the buffet of all buffets. It’s a seemingly endless feast of meats, international  cuisines, salads, pizzas, pastas, breads, fruits, and desserts. I’m sure that there are better buffets in Vegas (so I’ve heard), but dining at Bellagio’s buffet is always something to check off of my list whenever I’m in town.

“I’m really disappointed in you homie,” I taunted Jave, encouraging him to go back for another serving. He was punking out after only two rounds! “I thought you were a rida!” But Jave was smart. He knew when to call it quits.

But I, on the other hand, kept eating and eating until I ate myself sick.

Walking back to our hotel was a long, painful experience. Not a cab or a public bus in sight when I really needed it. And if you’ve been to Vegas, you know that a city block there is about four times the length of a normal city block. And our hotel was at least 10 blocks away!

“Are you proud of yourself?” Jave asked me as I plopped down on our bed when we finally made it back to our room. Needless to say, I was knocked out in a food coma for the next four hours.

Hey – don’t judge!

Have you ever eaten yourself sick while traveling? Please share…


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