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Godfrey Masauli, Malawi's first paraglider pilot - Photo courtesy of Benjamin Jordan
Godfrey Masauli, Malawi’s first paraglider pilot – Photo courtesy of Benjamin Jordan

If you keep up with the travel blogs, you’ve probably heard all the stories of everyday people who walked away from their everyday lives to venture out and live a life of full time travel. Many of these people are full time digital nomads who’ve found a way to make money online while traveling and running their travel blogs.

While these stories are inspiring, they all start sounding the same after awhile – right?


So I’ve started an interview series that highlights some people that you should know about that don’t fit so neatly in the travel blogging bubble. These people are travel game changers. Some are traveling with a unique angle, others are travel entrepreneurs, and some even work for other companies in the travel industry. But all of these people share one thing in common – they travel with purpose!

These are the inspiring, true stories of Travel Trailblazers

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Have you ever wished you had a friend, or friends of friends around the world who you could connect with while traveling?

Krissa & DJ, founded Friends of Friends Travel, a global network of travelers, to help you travel better.


What’s stopping you from daring to live your dreams?

Meet Godfrey Masauli, Malawi’s first paragliding pilot, star of the documentary “The Boy Who Flies”, and founder of the School of Dreams. If he can make his dreams a reality, what’s your excuse?


Is it possible to raise a family, run a profitable farm, and give back to the community?

One family makes it all work at Yerba Buena Farms & Guest Cabins in Jamaica.


Impossible goals? Unobtainable dreams? Odds were meant to be defied!

African food blogger, Chef Afrik, is preparing to embark on a four year culinary adventure to all 54 African countries!


What’s it like to run an adventure outfitter in a small Brazilian town?

Rodrigo Pereira of Paraty Explorer gives us a glimpse into his life and his community.





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