Life with thatgirlcarmel: May 2016

Lately, I feel like I’ve been living a double life. By day, I work my corporate 9 to 5, and after work and on the weekends, I’m on my entrepreneurial grind. More and more, I’m beginning to feel a bit worn out and as if I’m running on empty, and I’m not sure how much longer I can keep going at this pace.

But contrary to what I just said, I feel like May moved at a much slower and more manageable pace than previous months this year. Still, I find myself yearning for more time to do the things I really love as I pursue my freedom. You know…things like reading more books, writing religiously, sticking to a consistent workout schedule, samba, and spending more quality time with Jave just to name a few. Overall, I need to do a better job of finding more balance in my life, and not neglect doing the things I love as I pursue my goals. Can you relate?

Anyway, here’s what happened in May…

Bathroom disaster

Jave and I are long overdue for a bathroom remodel. As much as I love a posh bathroom when I travel, you’d think that our bathroom at home is on point. But it’s not. Since we want a comfortable new bathroom for our own bathing enjoyment, and because we plan on renting our place out by the end of the year, after consulting with several contractors, a few months ago we also consulted with Home Depot about remodeling our bathroom. They provided us with a (somewhat) reasonable quote for work for which they offer a lifetime warranty. But in order for the warranty to be effective, they have to essentially gut our bathroom and start from scratch. Since it’s such a huge expense, we decided to hold off on the project until this fall.

But after showering a few weeks ago, we realized that our tub wasn’t properly draining. So our maintenance guy came over and told us that we need some new pipes that would cost us about $500. Knowing that whatever pipes he installed would eventually be ripped out by Home Depot later this fall, we decided to move our bathroom remodel plans up. As you can imagine, it’s not an expense that we were mentally or emotionally ready to deal with right now. But we’ve since figured that this whole fiasco is a blessing in disguise, and it’s just the motivation we needed to stop procrastinating and finally get our place in shape so that we can move on.


So the deposit has been paid, measurements have been taken, and now we’re in a 6-8 week holding pattern as permits get pulled, materials are ordered, etc. But within the next few months, we’ll be enjoying our brand spanking new bathroom, and I have to say, I’m very excited about it!

South Coast Winery for Mother’s Day


Trying to figure out what to do for my mom for Mother’s Day is always a struggle because my mom is very bougie particular. I’m also very particular, and if there’s one thing I really can’t stand, it’s repeat experiences.

Wanting to do something that my mom and I haven’t ever done together, Jave and I decided to take her out to the South Coast Winery in Temecula for a tasting and lunch. And of course my dad was invited. He and Jave kept talking about the fact that a similar fuss isn’t made for fathers on Father’s Day. But whenever I ask my dad what he wants for birthdays, holidays, Father’s Day, etc., I always get the same response: a pair of brown socks and a box of pecans from Renfroe’s (his pecan company of choice in his hometown in Florida). I don’t know how many more brown socks and pecans I can buy for him!

Anyway, back to my mom. We had a great day tasting some of the best wines I’ve ever enjoyed at a wine tasting before. My parents returned home with a box of a dozen new wines while Jave and I bought two. I don’t know exactly when my parents became cool to hang out with, but Jave and I always have a good time in their company.

Closed second escrow


I recently had the pleasure of working with my dream clients. I met them at an open house one weekend, and a week later, we were in escrow. Although the seller was difficult and demanding, my clients were so patient and accommodating and just such a breeze to work with. If only all clients could be like them!

So far, selling real estate is proving to be quite a lucrative side hustle, and I’m looking forward to keeping this closing streak going!


After two failed pitches, I was ecstatic to get an email from Arianna Huffington welcoming me to contribute to the Huffington Post’s contributor’s platform. My story about getting lost in a Colombian jungle seemed to do the trick. Getting published on HuffPost was my writing goal for this year, and now that I’ve accomplished that, I have my sights set on my absolute favorite travel magazine, which means that it’s time to get busy with more pitches.

Outsourcing my life

Because I’m a bargain grocery shopper, I always find myself shopping at three different markets to cut costs. Yes, three. But given my increasingly busy schedule, don’t nobody got time for that anymore! So earlier this month, I tried Instacart, and I fell head over heels in love with the service. If you haven’t tried it, you’re missing out…I’m telling you!

Apart from being too busy to grocery shop, another reason I decided to try Instacart was because I was looking for a market where I can buy organic meats (I’m slowly but surely switching to an organic diet), and I didn’t want to have to add another grocery store to my usual lineup. So I gave Instacart a try, and I was pleasantly surprised when I got a text message saying that Ralph – my personal shopper – was at Whole Foods shopping for my list. And then I was even more pleasantly surprised when I got a text message saying that he couldn’t find the particular brand of tahini I was looking for and asking whether I wanted to replace it with a different brand. To know that I had someone walking up and down the grocery aisles doing my dirty work felt downright empowering! And when my groceries were delivered to my door, I literally felt like a great weight had been lifted.

So I recently used Instacart again, and I also added Vons’ delivery service and Amazon Prime Now to the mix. All-in-all, I had three grocery deliveries and our total bill came out to about what I’d pay if I’d gone into the store myself. From now on, I’ll be grocery shopping from the comfort of my home. I’m also thinking about all of my other annoying chores I can outsource.

To give Instacart a try and get $10 off your first order, click here.

Upcoming travel

It’s officially Jave’s birthday month which means I’m officially counting down to his bday getaway later this month. It was supposed to be a surprise, but last weekend I broke down and told him where we’re going…I just couldn’t keep it a secret any longer.

And since his bday getaway will be so short (only two nights!), I went ahead and booked another getaway for the week of my birthday in late July. I’m really looking forward to both! I really, REALLY need a vacation!

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Tell me…how was your May?