Life with thatgirlcarmel: June 2016

I’m slowly but surely coming out of a funk. Sometimes you need to just push pause on life and take some time to sit still, get quiet, and refocus. Pushing pause was a gift I gave myself in June.

Of course, no one’s life can come to a complete standstill unless they’re dead, but with the exception of a few Facebook posts and Snapchats, I tried to disconnect from social media. I took some time to start reading a manuscript written by one of my closest friends – one of the most talented writers I know – who’s working on getting a book deal. And although I’m a writer myself, I wrote less in June. I thought more. I took naps. I spent time with family. I tried to be less busy. Quieter. As much as possible, I tried to sit still. That’s so hard for people like me: the doers, the go-getters, the entrepreneurs, the people who are always on to their next big goal as soon as they scratch one off the list. But slowing down is essential to keep ideas and creativity flowing and to get the boost of energy you need for the next big stretch.

I even took some time to put Time Card Express® on a temporary pause as I think about and plan my next steps. The funny thing is, while on pause, I’ve somehow organically increased my membership to its highest numbers to date which goes to show that God is the ultimate master planner.

This month I also made cuts to my “to do” list, limiting it to only those things that serve my highest purpose. And that’s how my list shall remain from here on out…no more time suckers. Everything I do and every commitment I make from here on has to be done with purpose. There’s no time to waste. I have an unexplainable hunger. Jave and I often talk about our dreams, our purpose, God’s plan, why we’re here. And we agree that unless we’re fulfilling that purpose, there’s no point to life. How far are you willing to go for your dreams? I’m willing to die for mine.

So I’m heading into July with a renewed sense of direction, a more focused mind, and a lighter spirit. I don’t always have a roadmap, but I’ve decided to just keep moving and to just keep pushing. One foot in front of the other, one day at a time.

Here’s how I spent June…

Nephew’s graduation

My nephew attended a really small high school. The ceremony was no longer than an hour.

My nephew attended a really small high school. The ceremony was no longer than an hour.

Early on in the month, my youngest nephew graduated from high school. He’ll likely attend college close to home in San Diego. And even though he wore beads in his hair to graduation (kids and self-expression…sigh), I’m proud of his accomplishment. He’s grown into such an independent young man, and I hope he’ll stay focused.



My brother and his girlfriend hosted a beach bonfire. I haven’t been to a beach bonfire in years, and I have to say that it was rather nice catching up with my brother and my cousin Travis who I wasn’t expecting to see there, with fire-roasted hot dogs and s’mores in the mix. It was the perfect way to kick off the summer season.

Father’s Day


My dad is so focused – lol!

So this Father’s Day, my mom and I decided to take my dad out for Paint Nite – something completely new for him and out of his comfort zone. I worked next to my dad, and he was so focused. Our instructor would tell us to mix paints to make colors like purple or hot pink, and instead he’d end up with navy blue and peach. Jave and I did a good job of holding in our laughter as my dad struggled with his artistic capabilities. But you know what? In the end, his painting turned out great which just goes to show that it’s not how you start, but how you finish that truly matters.

Views of the downtown skyline from our dinner table

Views of the downtown skyline from our dinner table

Then, a week later, my mom and I took him to a Father’s Day BBQ at the Los Angeles City Club. The club’s chef is German, but he sure as hell knows how to throw down on some ribs and some greens. It was such a good meal with incredible views of downtown L.A.

A Mexican getaway


Jave celebrated a landmark birthday this year so I decided to go all out and plan a surprise golf getaway for him. Except…I gave up on keeping it a secret at the start of the month. I just couldn’t hold it in any longer. The build up to a getaway is almost as fun as the getaway itself, and not having anyone to share it with is a bummer. But Jave was so happy when I told him I’d booked us an all-inclusive getaway to Cabo San Lucas and a day of golf at a really exclusive course. We were only gone for a few nights, but it was just enough time for Jave to have the time of his life and to earn me cool points for being the best wife ever. I’ll share more about our getaway in upcoming posts. By the way, I think golf getaways are going to be a birthday tradition for Jave. (You can read about last year’s bday golf getaway to Palm Springs here.)


You may remember that earlier this year, I ordered a new workout video called PiYo. Well, I failed miserably at maintaining a consistent PiYo workout schedule. Why? Because it felt like a workout! Remember, I’m the girl who likes to workout without feeling like I’m actually working out. I once joined a water aerobics class for the simple fact that I didn’t sweat in the pool.

So anyway, I once again got sucked into a late night infomercial advertising a new workout by Shaun T. – remember, he’s the Insanity workout guy – called Cize. And although I have yet to try Cize at the time of writing this post, I was drawn to it because it’s purely a dance DVD. All dance. No crunches or squats in between. No burpees or planks or anything else that doesn’t feel fun. All dance! I can do that! Plus, a lot of the testimonials were of people who said they bought the DVD just because they needed a workout plan, and they unintentionally ended up losing like 30 pounds. Considering that I’d like to lose a good 40 pounds, and to think that I can do it by dancing, I was sold! I’ll let you know how it goes.

How was your June? Have you ever been in a funk? How did you come out of it?