Thoughts about Going Home to Jamaica

Thoughts about Going Home to Jamaica

Someday, I hope to be able to put my thoughts about how I really feel about going home to Jamaica into words. My last trip there in 2011 was perfect, but it ended in tragedy, and it’s not really something I’m at liberty to talk about on the blog. Perhaps someday the story will make its way onto the pages of a novel that’s currently still in my head.

What I will say is that going home to Jamaica is as complicated as it is heartwarming. Because of that, I kind of have mixed emotions about going back. A lot has happened since we last left, and I know that nothing will be quite the same.

Although much of our next two weeks will be spent catching up with family and friends, I know that we’ll have lots of down time and lots of peace and quiet. And I’m eager for it. I’m eager to welcome 2016 on a beautiful beach in quiet reflection with my best friend.

But I’ll be sharing a few posts while we’re away so that you can get a glimpse of what we’re up to until our return and I’m able to share more detailed posts. Also, as long as I have reliable WiFi, I’ll be snapping on Snapchat, so be sure to follow me at thatgirlcarmel.

Happy Holidays!

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Where will you be spending the holidays?

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  1. Kemkem
    Dec 23, 2015

    I hope this visit has a better ending than the last one. It sound like that was a bit rough, and you are still processing it. Nothing wrong with that..warts and all, family is family. Like l always say, you can pick your nose, but you can’t pick your family. :-). Have fun, eat lots of plantain for me. Merry Christmas to you and Jave!

    • thatgirlcarmel
      Dec 24, 2015

      Yes…huge, ugly warts and all – lol! We’re still going to have a great time here. Hope you’re having a Happy Holiday season wherever in the world you’re celebrating, Kemkem! Wish Federico a good one as well! 🙂


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