Why I’ve Been MIA from Blogging

It seems like forever since I last scheduled a post for publication here on the blog. This past year has been a whirlwind of major life changes, and unfortunately, blogging has taken a backseat to all that I’ve had on my plate as of late.

So, what have I been up to in the past year? Where shall I begin?

As I mentioned before, our travels in 2016 were few and far between although we did manage to make it to Mexico followed by a trip to Canada and Seattle. In between trips, I realized that I wasn’t really feeling like myself. I’ve never been a big napper, but I suddenly found myself taking long naps in the middle of the day and generally suffering from a tired-to-the-bone kinda feeling. Jave suspected that I was pregnant, but I shrugged it off and figured that I just needed to get more sleep.

Eventually, Jave’s suspicions got the best of me, and I took a pregnancy test. The result was positive. So I did what any woman would do…I took another one. Again, it was positive. Still, I didn’t believe I was pregnant; I mean, we certainly weren’t trying to get pregnant. We’d made up our minds that we weren’t going to start trying until late 2017.

Feeling anxious, I decided my results were a false positive and scheduled a doctor’s appointment fully expecting her to tell me that my false positive theory was correct. It was incorrect; my urine test at the doctor’s office matched the ones I took at home. We were stunned. Stunned and still somewhat doubtful that I was really pregnant. After all, my only symptom was extreme exhaustion.

We went ahead with our travel plans and headed to Victoria, BC and Seattle to celebrate my birthday. The trip was great. We moved at a relaxed pace while in Victoria knowing things would speed up once in Seattle since we had a jam packed itinerary during our brief stay there.

IMG_7599 edited

We arrived in Seattle at the crack of dawn, and everything was going smoothly. We were able to squeeze in a visit to the Space Needle, Chihuly Garden and Glass and Kerry Park all before noon. I was tired, but we were really looking forward to our food tour later in the afternoon. And our food tour was going deliciously well until I went to use the restroom during one of our stops at a Korean restaurant.

Although I still wasn’t 100% convinced I was pregnant, my heart sunk when I realized that my pants – my white pants, no less – were soiled with blood. I called Jave’s cell and told him to come to the bathroom. The look of worry on his face was alarming. He placed my hand on his heart, and it was racing.

Jave let me tie his jacket around my waist and then proceeded to tell our tour guide we’d have to leave the tour early due to an emergency. We headed to the nearest ER and were left waiting there well into the evening. Patients who checked in later than me were being seen first, and I wasn’t sure why. But I finally threatened the receptionist that I was going to leave if they weren’t going to prioritize seeing me. Apparently, those were the magic words because shortly thereafter, I was taken to the back for an ultrasound.

Before the ultrasound, the nurse warned me that I’d had a “threatened miscarriage”.  I honestly wasn’t too concerned since, again, I wasn’t 100% convinced that I was pregnant in the first place.

So imagine my surprise when, during my ultrasound, I saw something the size of a fava bean growing in my uterus with a heartbeat that looked like an electric current. Its heartbeat was fast and steady. At that moment, it finally sunk in that I was pregnant! I cried. Jave beamed and kissed me. We couldn’t believe we were going to be parents!

After the whole Seattle miscarriage scare, I kept my pregnancy quiet. I didn’t even tell my parents until I was close to my fourth month. They were ecstatic. After that, I only shared the news with my immediate family and closest friends.


Life went on as usual. In the fall, I flew to the Bay Area for a girlfriends’ getaway to Napa and had a blast despite the fact that it was a wine-free weekend for me. Don’t worry, I made up for it by eating well!

Barely showing at just past 4 months...

Barely showing at just past 4 months…

Trying to enjoy my red wine soda...

Trying to enjoy my red wine soda…

My pregnancy progressed beautifully and I enjoyed the incomparable feeling of my baby’s kicks in my belly. Jave and I had planned on going back to Europe for our babymoon, but as I got bigger and more and more uncomfortable, we opted to take a local getaway to Pismo Beach, San Luis Obispo and Morro Bay, knowing it would be our last couples getaway for awhile.



When we returned from our trip, I spent some time at the hospital holding my grandmother’s hand for the last time, thanking her and telling her I loved her as she transitioned to eternal life. Although I miss her, her death was a relief as she’d been slowly deteriorating and suffering for a very long time.

baby shower

A few days following her death, my mom, my cousin Lauren (our baby’s godmother!), and my good friend CC threw an amazing, travel-themed baby shower for me. It felt so great to be showered with so much love and it was a comfort to know that I have such an amazing village of women in my life. My shower was especially comforting since my family and I had just lost someone so dear to us.

Then, around 2 a.m. one morning in early March, two days before my due date and one day before my parents’ anniversary, my water broke and my labor began. After contracting an infection nearly 48 hours into my labor, I threw in the towel and opted for a C-section.

Although my surgery was a horrible experience, it was all worth it when the doctor pulled our beautiful daughter out from my belly and held her kicking and screaming body over the curtain for our first look. And just like that, our life forever changed in the most wonderful way possible.

This will be one of a few of her appearances on the blog until she's older...

This will be one of a few of her appearances on the blog until she’s older…

Now that our daughter is well into her third month of life, I feel like I’m finally ready to get back to doing the things I love most including writing and samba (it’s been over a year since I stepped foot in a samba class!).


Additionally, somewhere in the midst of all of this, I managed to launch a new business – Couples Getaway Box – a bi-monthly subscription box that inspires romantic getaways and date nights for married couples. And now that we have our little one, Jave and I are definitely our own ideal customers!

And of course, there will be more travel in our lives. After all, travel is such an innate part of who we are. We’ve slowly been introducing our daughter to our travel lifestyle through short, local adventures. But come this August, she’ll be getting her first passport stamp, and Jave and I are equally nervous and excited about our trip.

While I don’t intend to change the editorial direction of this blog now that our baby will be frequently traveling with us, I’m definitely excited to see this big, beautiful world through her eyes!

Messages from my village of amazing women to our amazing daughter. The world is yours, baby girl!

Messages from my village of amazing women to our amazing daughter. The world is yours, baby girl!