I Should’ve Been a Fighter Pilot

I Should’ve Been a Fighter Pilot

Last October, my family and I went to the Miramar Air Show 2012. Considering that my dad was in the Air Force when we were younger, my brother and I grew up going to airshows. It was somewhat of a family tradition. So when I heard about the Miramar Air Show in La Jolla, I figured that I’d invite my family along and that we’d make a weekend of it.  Along for the trip: the hubs (of course), my parents, my brother Aaron, his kids, and his girlfriend.

When Aaron and I were young, my family was stationed in Panama. Living in Panama made it very easy for my family and me to travel around Central and South America. My family and I took several “hops” around the region in C30s like the one above. No windows, no bathrooms, and no flight attendants made for lots of interesting, somewhat scary flights.

Who doesn’t like fighter planes? They’re loud, they’re powerful, they’re fast, and when the Blue Angels are flying, you can’t take your eyes off of the sky! I often think of how cool it would be to be a fighter pilot, except for the fact that I don’t really like the uncertainty that comes with flying, and except for the fact that I wouldn’t want to blow people up. But apart from that, if I ever had the opportunity to fly in a fighter jet (with a very, very experienced and decorated pilot), I don’t think that I could turn it down. It would be a “Top Gun” dream come true!

You can watch footage of the Blue Angels flying here.

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