Atlanta: Playing ‘That’s My House’ in Buckhead

Atlanta: Playing ‘That’s My House’ in Buckhead

Sunny days – everybody loves them.

Tell me, baby, can you stand the rain? 

– New Edition

New Edition, the ’80s/‘90s R&B group posed a great question in their hit song, “Can You Stand the Rain”. While they asked that question in relation to love and the storms that couples learn to weather together, the same question bears asking in connection with traveling. Sure, everybody loves a sunny day of travel when the weather is perfect and there’s not a rain cloud in sight. But what about those rainy travel days? Can you stand them?

On my recent trip to Georgia, it rained. A lot. From the moment my plane landed, throughout my entire stay in Atlanta, and throughout our entire drive to Savannah, it rained. In fact, it didn’t stop raining until we actually reached Savannah where the weather was picture perfect. But pre-Savannah, while in Atlanta, we couldn’t seem to catch a break from the rain. It didn’t bother me because I’ve been to Atlanta so many times and I’ve seen so much of the city. Plus, I was there to visit my family, so I didn’t really care too much about sightseeing.

Still, I didn’t want to be cooped up in my cousin’s apartment all day, so we decided to get some air. While driving around, she asked if I wanted to house gawk in Buckhead – an activity I never tire of. For those of you who don’t know, Buckhead is a district in Atlanta where the uber wealthy live. In 2011, Buckhead was ranked as the second wealthiest zip code in the South following Palm Beach, FL. Think of it as the Beverly Hills of Atlanta.

Anyway, our house gawking turned into a game of ‘That’s My House’ where you drive past houses and claim them for yourself. There are no winners or losers, and the only aim is to spot houses that are bigger and better than the last. And while you can play this game whether rain or shine, a game of ‘That’s My House’ is the perfect way to spend a rainy day of travel – especially when you’re in a city that has homes as awesome as Buckhead’s.

So we drove by and snapped photos (a bit tacky, I know), careful not to be too conspicuous. There are houses even bigger and badder than the ones photo’d here, but they were set way off the road and I haven’t invested in a powerful zooming lens just yet. But of these, which is your favorite?



How do you spend rainy travel days?


  • *sings*
    ‘On a perfect day, I know that I can count on you.
    When that’s not possible, tell me can you weather the storm-orm-oh!’

    Girl, New Edition was so on point!!! I was JUST thinking about their ‘Boys to Men’ song. Classic.

    Those homes make me sad to look at because I can’t afford to even THINK about buying one of them at this point, lol.

    • Dana Carmel

      Yes – New Edition is classic! I never get tired of “Can You Stand the Rain”. Looking at those homes motivates me. Even though I can’t afford one right now, someday folks will drive by my house playing ‘That’s My House’!

  • Those houses are beautiful… and so big. Almost like mini mansions. I’d have fun trying to imagine playing hide and seek in them.

    • Dana Carmel

      Yeah – I wonder how big they actually are on the inside. Sometimes houses can be deceptive – they may look huge on the outside but be rather small on the inside. I’d love to go to some open houses in the area!

  • Sorry Dana, but they’re ALL my house!!
    Such a fun game to play when the weather is not that great.

    • Dana Carmel

      I hear you, Marisol! I would take any of these houses!

  • Here in Chicago we house gawk on Sheridan Road on the North Shore. Very few of the houses are set back so far that you can’t see them so it’s a veritable plethora of gorgeous homes. I’m always looking for the perfect house in the perfect setting, and for me, it has to have a view of the water. Thanks for hosting the link party today!

    • Dana Carmel

      Jennie – thanks for linking up! I used to live in Chicago as well and I’m vaguely familiar with the area you’re talking about. When I lived in Chicago, I used to love visiting Evanston and all of the beautiful homes in that area.

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  • Sorry to hear you didn’t have the greatest weather but glad you found a fun activity to do. We love doing this especially around Beverly Hills and San Marino. My kids also join in on the fun. It also makes you wonder who lives in them and how they can afford the mansions. My favorite is the white house with the columns – it just looks so stately.

    • Dana Carmel

      I’ve never played this game in San Marino – I’ll have to check out the homes there. You’re right – the house with the columns is very stately. It’s the quintessential plantation-style home.

  • I think that’s a fantastic way to spend a rainy day. There are some dandy big houses. I always wonder how usually two people can need so much space.

    • Dana Carmel

      I know, but maybe there are large families living in these homes.

  • There’s nothing worse than rainy days when I’m on a short trip. I would expect to stay under the sun. But if it rains like this, I guess some cuddle time with my husband with hot chocolate is the way to go for me 🙂 BTW I like the 7th house.

    • Dana Carmel

      Yes…rainy weather is perfect for snuggling. And the 7th house is my fave as well!

  • I think the seventh one is my favourite because I can just see Southern Belles in crinoline walking out of it! My name would be Scarlett if I lived there!

    • Dana Carmel

      The 7th one is my favorite too! It’s gorgeous!

  • I always wanted clear, sunny weather when traveling. However, after seeing a few great photos of cities and streets in the rain, I may have to start praying for stormy weather. Wet streets and reflections add to the mystique of city’s streets.

    • Dana Carmel

      You’re right – for photography purposes, the rain can create some really unique effects. I hope to improve my photography skills so that I can make the best of pics in the rain as well!

  • The second to last house… that’s mine! 🙂
    Such a fun post. I’m glad you didn’t let the rain get you down.

    • Dana Carmel

      I really like that one too, Lauren! 😉

  • Those a great pics, Dana! And omg an ex girlfriend and I used to do this very same thing of playing, “That’s My House” (though we didn’t have a name for it like you)! 🙂

    • Dana Carmel

      Thanks, Mike. House gawking is such a fun way to pass the time!


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