Out of the Cold & Into Amalienborg Palace

Out of the Cold & Into Amalienborg Palace

Every day, the Royal Guard leaves their barracks near Rosenborg Castle and marches through Copenhagen’s streets to Amalienborg Palace. While we witnessed the soldiers’ departure from Rosenborg as they paraded down Gothersgade, we didn’t follow them to Amalienborg. Instead, our visit to Amalienborg coincided with our city walking tour which ended in the palace’s courtyard.

Just across from Frederik’s Church (aka, The Marble Church) with its eye catching dome, the palace’s courtyard features a statue of King Frederik V on his horse.

The courtyard is surrounded by four identical buildings – each named after a different Danish King – that were originally built for four noble families. When the royals’ residence, Christiansborg Palace, burned down in the late 1700s, the Danish royals bought the palace and moved in. These days, the Danish royal family winters at Amalienborg Palace. During our visit, Queen Margrethe II just so happened to be home (in Christian IX’s Palace) as evidenced by the waving Danish flag outside.

We decided to duck into the palace’s museum (in Christian VIII’s palace) in hopes of escaping from the crisp, bitter cold for awhile. The museum offers a glimpse into the private interiors (albeit, glass-encased) of the Danish royals dating from 1863-1947. Here are some pictures from our visit.

A replica of the four palaces and the central courtyard

A photo of royals at play

Poor guy
Poor guy

After all was said and done, and after paying 70 kroner each, I think I would’ve preferred a visit inside of Rosenborg Castle since, from what I’ve heard and read, it houses a more comprehensive collection of royal artifacts.



Is Amalienborg on your list of places to see when in Copenhagen?

  • I never tire of looking at cobblestone streets because I have such a nostalgic feel about them, Dana. Of all the pics I liked the two with the office/den/libraries. I’ve always wanted a room like that in my own house (not happening). My stepfather actually did have one in his house and I loved to spend all of my time there lol. Rooms like that give me a cozy, comfortable feeling and of escaping. Hard to explain 🙂

    • Dana Carmel

      So funny that you used the word “cozy” because the Danes pride themselves on creating cozy atmospheres.

  • Interesting looking place that looks worth a look around, but yes agree with you about the rug – poor guy!

  • Beautiful shots! Reminds me once again that I haven’t finished writing my Denmark posts. Sigh. We never were able to go inside though. Too bad.

  • Your photos take me back to the days when I had dreams of becoming a princess and living in a castle.

    • Dana Carmel

      Haha – if only… 🙂

  • This place looks lovely! We visited the Palais Het Loo in Holland and it looks rather similar – though to be honest I was a bit put off as it felt too ‘museumy’. Glad you enjoyed your day out though, and you can always see the Rosenborg Castle another time, it’s a good excuse to go back 🙂

    • Dana Carmel

      This one felt kind of “museumy” too – especially since the rooms were encased in glass. And I need very few excuses to return to Copenhagen – that city has my heart! 😉

  • I don’t have a list yet. This looks interesting, but l’m not sure. I am kind of over palaces :-). Now, the food..lol..your photos as usual are absolutely gorgeous!

    • Dana Carmel

      As I said, I would definitely skip this one the next time around. But if you do decide to visit a palace, go to Rosenborg and tell me how it is! 😉


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